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ArgoPrep keeps every student in mind – giving educators a peace of mind when it comes to providing optimal resources and options for each student.


How ArgoPrep promotes Learner Variability

All individuals are unique in how they learn. ArgoPrep has created various tools and features to promote learner variability. Here’s a list of some of our tools.


Tools and Features
Offline Access via “Download”/”Print” Option It’s important to be aware that not every student has access to reliable wi-fi at home. ArgoPrep offers educators and students the option to download worksheets or workbooks for easy offline access to complete their work. 
Badges, Animations, Point System ArgoPrep deploys various features to keep students motivated while learning. This includes unlocking badges, earning points when completing assignments, and receiving animated feedback while working on a quiz. 
Video Explanations to Practice Questions The video explanation option offers students a different format of learning compared to just the traditional TEXT answer explanation. ArgoPrep offers both, however, this specific tool allows for learners who prefer visual and auditory learning. This option is available for both the learner and educator. 
Text To Speech ArgoPrep quizzes and questions come fully supported with a text to speech button where learners can hear the practice problem read out loud. Learners with IEP or 504 Plan may benefit from the text to speech option.
Playback Speed, Full-Screen, Volume Toggle ArgoPrep offers various tools to students when it comes to watching our video lessons. Students have the option of watching the video at a slower pace or the option to speed it up. Additionally, students are able to control the volume levels as well as watch the videos as a full-screen option. 
Flexibility of individual choice task completion Student choice and self-regulation are two components of social and emotional learning. ArgoPrep implements various features to provide learners with as much discretion and autonomy as possible when using our platform to complete assignments. Some specific examples include:
1) We do not restrict the sequence or timing for completion of any task (whether it’s taking a quiz or watching a video lesson).
2) Students can answer quiz questions in any order.
3) Students have the option of using various tools to gather information (for example – turning off audio or using the text-to-speech option or using the video explanation button). 


Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

ArgoPrep utilizes a variety of UDL strategies to ensure that students have the highest quality learning experience.

Strong Engagement

Teachers have a plethora of choices when it comes to assigning worksheets, activities and books. The autonomy for choice allows students to work on rigorous assignments that are catered to their specific needs. Each subject has goals and objectives that students work towards and obtain virtual badges. Teachers are able to see student’s performance and provide explicit feedback.


ArgoPrep’s strength in its design is the manner in which its platform is visually engaging for students. The ArgoPrep platform has multiple modes of representation that include video/visual explanations, ability to customize the display (zooming, speed control, volume toggling, etc.), auditory supports, and content that is relevant to students from K-8th grade.

ArgoPrep works hard to ensure that access to the content is universally accessible. Video lectures are provided in age appropriate language for students to learn and be able to identify solutions.


What is extremely helpful about ArgoPrep’s platform is the abundance of tools and supports that are available to students. Students are offered multiple attempts, clarifications and explanations of solutions in worksheets and activities. Activities are structured in a manner that not only has students identify solutions, but use higher level thinking in creating equations, dialogue on literature, and ultimately have fun with their learning!



ArgoPrep offers customization and differentiation for students of all abilities to thrive in their learning. The platforms Universally Designed components allow for differentiation in the areas of accessing content through video lectures, fun/interactive activities, and the ability to use text to speech tools.

The needs of ALL students were heavily emphasized in the creation of ArgoPrep. It contains multiple media, books, and activities where students can find what works best for their learning style.

Students are able to be assigned independent assignments to their specific instructional level, with tiered benchmarks, and a variety of student response systems.

Lastly, the assessments allow teachers to differentiate at real time speed.


Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

ArgoPrep is able to provide its users with components of Social Emotional Learning to ensure students are getting a holistic experience. ArgoPrep currently focuses on two categories within SEL (Self-Management and Responsible Decision Making).

The level of autonomy our platform allows students focuses on their self-management and responsible decision making skills. Furthermore, motivation is also a key factor and ArgoPrep currently has three key elements in relation to motivation.

ArgoPrep offers students badges, a point system, and visual animations with audio feedback when working on any quiz.

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