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Comprehensive K-8 Math & ELA Program


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K-8th Grade Math & ELA by ArgoPrep

Our award-winning online kindergarten through eighth grade math & ELA program is designed to boost student scores and increase confidence. Subscription to this program includes comprehensive resources for each grade. Students can access video lessons taught by our licensed-teachers that teach you every topic you need to know for your respective grade level. Our video lessons are supported by practice quizzes that test your knowledge and understanding of the video lessons you just watched. Additionally, students can access thousands of practice questions or even create their own randomly generated custom quizzes! Included in your online access, students can also access hundreds of printable worksheets that have been designed beautifully to increase student engagement. ArgoPrep provides you with the knowledge and confidence to increase your math and ELA scores.

Our team consists of over 45+ licensed teachers, designers, and software engineers to bring you the best learning experience possible. What makes ArgoPrep exceptionally unique is our 12-month subscription also includes two free workbooks shipped directly to your home. We believe in a blended learning approach so we have combined digital resources along with physical workbooks that require students to work on with a pencil.

Come and join our K-8 Math & ELA program today!