Go Math Grade 6 vs. ArgoPrep Grade 6

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Go Math Grade 6 vs. ArgoPrep Grade 6


Go Math Grade 6 and ArgoPrep Grade 6 both set the industry standard for exceptional supplemental instruction.

Because of the diminishing time available for instruction, paired with the growing list of standards and expectations for teachers to cover during a traditional school year, teachers are struggling to fit it all in and maximize retention!

Students are suffering due to a lack of time, resources, and many students aren’t getting the skills they need to be successful in higher grades.

It certainly feels like a lot of doom and gloom for a 6th-grade math class, but because of resources like ArgoPrep and Go Math! students are able to take charge of their education and understanding of mathematical principles.

Go Math! Grade 6 vs. ArgoPrep Grade

Key Points in 6th Grade

taught in 6th grade according to common core standards are as follows: focus, coherence, and rigor.

The transition into middle school mathematics means that there will be fewer concepts taught, but that students will be required to interact with them and focus on them more. Coherence means that students will be asked to apply the knowledge they learn in math across all content areas. And finally, rigor will require students to be able to critically think about the concepts taught and apply them to various situations, correctly.

In fewer words, 6th grade is a challenging year for math. But it doesn’t need to be impossible or insurmountable for any student. While the stakes are higher, there are numerous study aids to support a child and their acquisition of math skills.

At 6th grade orientation night, you might be thinking “Math? I haven’t done it in years let alone helped my kids with it! That common core math is a mess, why can’t I just do it the way that I was taught?” The fact of the matter is that many parents
have been passed on to their children. Math is one of the most difficult skills to learn, and so it’s understandable that many parents don’t want to return to those school days of struggling through nightly math homework. New studies show that teachers are not seeking parents to be students’ primary math teachers.

Where does this leave the parent of a child who is struggling with math?

Or the student who wants more of a challenge beyond the classroom. This is why resources such as ArgoPrep’s workbooks are crucial to the growth and development of your child in math.

Key Points in 6th Grade

The Value for Teachers

Implementing ArgoPrep workbooks in the classroom provides a teacher with a conceptually sound curriculum with built-in support.

Using these workbooks will provide you valuable data through formative assessments, allowing you to pinpoint areas of concern without assigning 40 problems each night.

These workbooks are structured in a way to provide maximum impact with minimal work for the classroom teacher (because we know that you’re already busy enough!).

Implementing these workbooks in the classroom will provide your students with a consistent and predictable structure without sacrificing the quality of instruction.

Parents will thank you after being able to consult the video support to help their students with homework. Overall, ArgoPrep workbooks will make your life as a teacher easier (who knows, you might even be able to catch up on a favorite T.V. show one of these nights).

Importance of Helping Students

Go Math! Importance of Helping Students

notes that in the past when a teacher sent home homework, it may have been 40 problems, every night! This type of rote memorization bred anxiety and resentment for math and left students, parents, and teachers exhausted. Now teachers may assign a few problems each night or less. The purpose behind this is to help students practice skills without burning them out. But in all of this, teachers are not expecting parents to be the math teacher. Instead, it is key that parents just help students complete the work, without being the educator.

Go Math! and
both provide workbook support on the concepts and skills aligned with common core standards for 6th-grade math. These workbooks can serve as additional support, education, and provide students with a helpful format to ensure ease of delivery throughout a school year.
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ArgoPrep vs. Go Math Grade 6 Format

Both Go Math Grade 6 and ArgoPrep Grade 6 follow similar formats for skill practice. Broken up into units and lessons, Go Math! Grade 6 units span over a few weeks.

The overview page explains the concepts of the unit and gives an example of how to solve the type of problem present in the lessons.

It provides a short vocabulary list with corresponding definitions. This information is delivered in both English on one side and Spanish on the other, making it accessible and usable by many parents.

ArgoPrep’s workbook is broken up into weeks, scaffolding the concepts as the weeks progress. A link to a video lesson accompanies each week, meaning that parents who are trying to help their kids have real-time, quick instruction through video whenever they need it!

Each video walks students through each problem, allowing for problem-specific questions to be answered and explained.

Each week also features a short, one-sentence summary of the skills being worked on that week. ArgoPrep workbooks also feature daily tips that explain a shortcut to allow students to understand the material more clearly and apply it more effectively as they progress.

Each book features a mix of standard problems and word problems, exposing students to a variety of mathematical equations.

Go Math Grade 6 features one page of “Extra Practice” at the end of the unit. ArgoPrep uses day five for an assessment and provides an extra day (day six) for a challenge question.

Math Grade 6 Format

ArgoPrep vs. Go Math Grade 6 Concepts

As previously mentioned, 6th grade is a big year in math. It can easily be described as more intense, but the fact is that students are learning more about critical thinking and processing (all valuable skills that we hope adults entering the real world will possess) and so, it is a crucial year for students to understand and apply what they’re learning in math class.

Listed below is a summary of the standard-aligned skills covered in ArgoPrep’s workbook and Go Math Grade 6. The skills and concepts focus primarily on algebraic expressions, complex multiplication and division, and basic graphing. Students will also learn about percentages and calculating volumes.

Go Math Grade 6 Concepts

ArgoPrep & Go Math Grade 6 Features

One of the most exciting features of ArgoPrep’s workbooks is the accessibility to specific videos for every week in the workbook. These videos walk students (and parents) through the mathematical processes for every single problem in the book.

These videos are accessible online and through the ArgoPrep app, making it accessible and functional for all students.

Opposed to having your child stay late after school for help with their teacher, hiring a tutor, and giving them additional support, ArgoPrep’s videos will help students understand the concepts more quickly.

ArgoPrep workbooks also include answer keys in the back of the book, an online portal with numerous features included with the purchase of the book, and assessments/extra practice to provide your child with the support that they need and crave!

Go Math! workbooks include assessments, tips, and various problems to meet common core standards and your child’s needs.

ArgoPrep & Go Math Grade 6 Features


Go Math Grade 6 and
both provide a student with comprehensive math support. ArgoPrep tirelessly strives to provide parents, educators, and students with relevant and exciting content that will engage students and challenge them to apply themselves in the world of education.

If your child is struggling with math, be sure to check out ArgoPrep’s award-winning online K-8 Math & ELA Program. An annual subscription is only $9.99 per month and the plan includes two free workbooks shipped to your home along with all of their online content!

If your child is seeking more challenges as it pertains to 6th-grade math, you will find that ArgoPrep’s content is written to challenge students through fewer problems with bigger impacts. Paired with daily exercises, ArgoPrep provides weekly challenge questions and a summative assessment for the end of the year.