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Both IXL and ArgoPrep offer amazing resources and tools for parents, teachers, and students! Let’s take a deep dive at what the two offer so you can make the right choice for your educational needs.

IXL is a subscription-based learning website tailored for students from PreK to 12th grade. Students can work on hundreds of skills for each grade level to gain confidence on the topic.

For example, IXL’s Kindergarten Math section offers 237 skills for students to master. Navigating the topics is straightforward and you can easily locate the specific skill you would like to practice. IXL does an excellent job providing a near “unlimited” number of practice questions.

ArgoPrep is also a subscription-based learning website and is tailored for students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. ArgoPrep offers a comprehensive learning program and a friendly ecosystem to make sure your child truly understands grade level materials.

Aside from practice questions, quizzes and drills, ArgoPrep offers detailed video lessons that are broken into friendly 10 – 15 minute chunks for your child to watch. Our practice quizzes also have video explanations for visual and auditory learners. ArgoPrep also offers thousands of printable worksheets.

Both ArgoPrep and IXL offer unique tracking features where you can track the progress and scores of your child. Both programs are common core aligned and have won many educational awards. Check out the chart below to see a quick comparison between the two programs.

ArgoPrep® vs. IXL®

ArgoPrep® IXL®
Pricing Structure Monthly, yearly or lifetime subscriptions Monthly or yearly subscriptions
Grade Levels PreK – 8th  PreK – 12
Common Core Alignment Yes Yes
Video Lessons Yes No
Quiz Video Explanations Yes No
Printable Worksheets Yes No
Subjects Covered Math and Language Arts Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Spanish
Cost  $19.99 per family (you only need one subscription that can be used with multiple kids without extra charges) $19.95 per month for 4 core subjects, with an additional $4 per month per extra child


Interested in learning about ArgoPrep’s award-winning program? Check out the short video below to see how ArgoPrep helps your child.


IXL Workbooks and ArgoPrep Workbooks

While ArgoPrep and IXL offer an online learning platform for students to boost their scores, both also offer physical workbooks. IXL currently offers math workbooks from Kindergarten through 5th grade. ArgoPrep on the other hand has over 100+ workbooks published from Kindergarten through 8th grade covering subjects including math, reading comprehension, science, and social studies.

In addition to workbooks, ArgoPrep offers printable math worksheets that cover all grades including 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, as well as topics including geometry, algebra, and algebra 1. Math answers are also available making the printable worksheets a very handy tool not only for teachers, but parents as well. Here’s a quick table between IXL and ArgoPrep if you are interested in physical workbooks.

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ArgoPrep® IXL®
Math Workbooks Yes Yes
Grade Levels PreK – 8th  K-5
Common Core Alignment Yes Yes
Video Explanations Yes No
ELA Workbooks Yes No
Science Workbooks Yes No
Social Studies Workbooks Yes No

Can ArgoPrep or IXL be used for Android or iPhone?

The good news is both ArgoPrep and IXL can be used on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. IXL does have their own app you can download from the app store if you have an android or iphone for free. Their app is fantastic since and it provides a nice experience for students on their android or apple device. You can download their app for free and IXL provides ten free questions in each subject they cover per day. At the moment, it looks like IXL does not offer a free trial, but given they provide ten free questions per day on each subject they cover, you will get a very strong idea if their program is a good fit for you. IXL does also often offer discounts and coupons, so be sure to check their official website for any deals they may be running.

ArgoPrep does offer a 7-day free trial so you can check risk-free the resources ArgoPrep provides to help students succeed. 

Comparison between grades.

Math Practice Questions Comprehensive Video Lessons Math Printable Worksheets Science & Social Study Online Questions
Kindergarten Both ArgoPrep ArgoPrep Neither
1st Grade Both ArgoPrep ArgoPrep Neither
Second Grade Both ArgoPrep ArgoPrep IXL
Third Grade Both ArgoPrep ArgoPrep IXL
Fourth Grade Both ArgoPrep ArgoPrep IXL
Fifth Grade Both ArgoPrep ArgoPrep IXL
Sixth Grade Both ArgoPrep ArgoPrep IXL
Seventh Grade Both ArgoPrep ArgoPrep IXL
Eighth Grade Both ArgoPrep ArgoPrep IXL
9th – 12th Grade IXL ___________ __________ IXL

Conclusion. Who is better? 

Every student has their own particular needs so there is never one program that is the solution for every child. Both IXL and ArgoPrep offer incredible tools to parents, teachers and students to help boost student confidence and scores.

Ask yourself what resources you are looking for in an online program. Are you looking to focus on specific skills and have the option to practice with thousands of questions? IXL does an excellent job with that. Are you looking for video lessons to support your child when they take practice questions? In that case, ArgoPrep would be a better fit for your needs. The ArgoPrep K-8 platform offers your child with video lessons, quizzes, drills, and thousands of printable worksheets

Alternatively, you can opt-in to subscribe to both IXL and ArgoPrep to meet your child’s educational needs. Both programs are affordable and ArgoPrep offers a 100% free 7-day trial which you can cancel at anytime.

You have nothing to lose to try ArgoPrep today!

Interested in looking at one of our practice quizzes?

Try this fun geometry quiz for Grade 4 students.

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Want a quick glance into one of our video lessons?

Watch this video lesson below for Grade 4 Math!

*IXL® is not affiliated with ArgoPrep. This article offers a comparison between the two programs.

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