Is 400 a good SHSAT score?

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Is 400 a good SHSAT score?

The SHSAT (Specialized High Schools Admissions Test) is scored on a scale of 200 to 800. The highest possible score for the ELA section is 400 and 400 for the math section. Therefore, 400 is not a good SHSAT score.

The minimum cutoff scores for acceptance into specialized high schools vary each year based on the scores of the applicant pool and the number of seats available. However, the cutoffs are usually significantly higher than 400.  For example, in past years, the cutoff score for schools like Stuyvesant High School has been above 560. No student has been admitted with a composite score of 400.

It’s important to keep in mind that the SHSAT is a competitive exam, and gaining admission into one of New York City’s specialized high schools requires scoring quite high on the test. Therefore, if a student is aiming for these schools, they should strive for a score much higher than 400. It’s also critical to prepare adequately for the exam. ArgoPrep’s SHSAT Learning Platform offers you comprehensive access to SHSAT video lessons, quizzes, eBooks and more. Our award-winning learning platform comes included with a free-trial! We offer you 3,000+ high-quality practice questions along with 5+ full-length exams and more.

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