Words that Start With T – Expand Your Vocabulary

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Words that Start With T – Expand Your Vocabulary

Studies show that the words toddlers learn and use lead to school success in the future. In fact, developing an extensive vocabulary at the age of two, such as learning words that start with T, can help a child succeed in different areas at kindergarten level like math, reading, and behavior.

So, if your little one has already memorized all the necessary words from A to S, then it’s time to introduce some words that start with T to improve their vocabulary.

Teaching your children new words and helping them use words that start with “t” can help them communicate effectively and efficiently in their personal and academic life.

Not only will they be able to present their opinions and ideas, but they can also easily understand others. Note that children who are articulate and expressive are more confident and self-assured than ones with a lack of vocabulary.

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As you may know, “T” is a constant and one of the most used alphabets; so,  your children need to have a good collection of words that start with T.

From tea to telescope and from time to tabu, several words begin with T and are associated with different topics and subjects.

They include emotions, objects, behaviors, thoughts, actions, imaginary objects, etc. When your child starts to learn these words, you can notice a significant improvement in their way of communication.

While you are planning to teach them important words, keep in mind that your little one should be prepared to absorb and use new vocabulary. Incorporate different methods and teaching techniques to make the process easy.

Allow them to get accustomed fully to one word rather them bombarding them with several new words.

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Prepare Your Child before Introducing New Vocabulary

Do you want your child to learn lots of words that start with T? In that case, allow them to take a
first. Yes! You heard it right. You have to allow your child to use and practice the words they have already learned for several days.

This is because it is important to make the process effective and beneficial. And learning new words and remembering them is not an easy task for anyone, especially children so give them some time.

It is not less easy for young children to learn new vocabulary every day. Sometimes they get bored and irritated, while other times, they may feel overwhelmed with new words. For your child’s mental wellbeing, you need to give them some space.

You need to give some time to your children to process, synthesize, and practice previously learned words before you expect them to expand their vocabulary. There are several benefits of offering study breaks.

When you allow your child to process things they have already learned, their brain gets time to refresh. The brain also uses this time to process words.

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Your children unconsciously rethink what they have learned and try to make sense of it. Besides that, a break can also boost energy and productivity. When you give some time to your child to feel relaxed, they get back to their study with more focus. They are also more prepared to learn new things.

Negative Effects of Continuously Teaching New Words

Every child learns things at their own pace. Some require only a day or two to memorize words. Others may need weeks or even months to make sense of a single word. This does mean that one is better than the other. It simply means that humans are different from one other, so is their learning mechanism.

Customizing teaching methods based on your child’s capacity and abilities can make the process easier. However, don’t start a new letter until your toddler memorizes the previous words. Here are some problems that can occur when you forcibly push the learning process.

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Children can Forget Words

If you try to teach your children words that start with T the next day or the same day you finish with words that start with S, this can lead to confusion. Most probably, your child will forget half of the words that you have taught them.

In worst-case scenarios, they can even forget everything as you continue teaching. Hence, the time and effort you and your child have put in will be wasted.

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Children can Muddle up Meanings

Remembering the correct meaning of each word is the most challenging thing for kids. The worst part is that they will not realize that they have remembered the wrong meaning until someone identifies them using a word wrongly.

Of course, it can damage their confidence. They might even hesitate to try using their newly learned vocabulary in front of people.

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Teaching Words that Start With T

A broad vocabulary can help children gain many educational benefits, but the question is, how can you teach them words that start with T?

For starters, the traditional way of teaching will not help you in this century. Even if your children remember the words this way, they are more likely to forget them after a few days or weeks.

So, you need to opt for unique ways to teach your child new words. Here are some ways to teach words that start with T.

  • Give your child a visual representation of what you are talking about.
  • Use the word regularly in your conversations.
  • Write the word on a whiteboard hanging in their room until they memorize it.
  • Write the word on paper when you teach them the word for the first time.
  • Ask your child to use the word in different sentences a couple of times a day.
  • Make the teaching time fun by incorporating different activities when teaching a word.
  • Encourage your child to write stories around the word.
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How do You know Your Child is Ready to Learn Words that Start with T?

Before teaching new words that start with T, ensure that your child is ready to expand their vocabulary. Of course, you need to check whether your child is ready to study. If they feel annoyed with their studies, give them a break to relax.

Moreover, you can start teaching your children new words if you notice the following:

  • They know how to trace or write the letter.
  • They can use the letters in the correct order.
  • They can pronounce each letter correctly.
  • They have mastered previous words.
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Vocabulary Words that Start With T

Preschool and Kindergarten

Preschoolers are too young to memorize and understand challenging words. However, introducing some common and easy words at this point in their life can create a strong foundation.


  • Table
  • Tomato
  • Tractor
  • Tiger
  • Teddy
  • Toad
  • Toy
  • There
  • They
  • Towel
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  • Tail: the long, sometimes furry, appendage on many animal’s bottoms
  • Take: to acquire
  • Tall: higher than average
  • Tale: story
  • Tap: clear clicking sound
  • Toe: one of the separate parts of the front end of a foot
  • Tool: an object that helps perform a job
  • Top: thing above everything else
  • Tone: a particular type of musical sound
  • Twins: two children born at the same time
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Elementary School

Children in elementary school can easily understand complex and challenging words. Since they typically will be learning things like the radius of circle and midpoint formulas, you can introduce difficult English, math, science, and other concepts. In other words, it is a good time to improve their T vocabulary.

  • Taunt: to make fun of
  • Toll: money paid to use a bridge or road
  • Tint: the shade of an object
  • Tribe: a large group of people that live in one place
  • Tyke: kid, a small child
  • Thirst: needing water
  • Thick: wide and dense object
  • Trap: to catch an animal or person
  • Troop: a group of people, typically the one that travels together
  • Total: the entire amount
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Interesting Fact: “The” is the most common word in English that comes with “t.”

Practice Questions

Exercise #1

Make a list of all the T words you want your child to learn. After that, categorize them into things, food items, verbs, and adjectives.

Exercise #2

Draw or act the following words that start with T:

  • Troop
  • Toll
  • Thirst
  • Tea
  • Towel
  • Train
  • Tail
  • Toy
  • Table
  • Teddy
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