At Home and Online: 4th Grade Math Help and Practice

Fourth grade is what I taught for the longest. It is a fun and exciting grade. It can also be difficult. This is especially true for students and parents who dislike math.

Before we dive into some helpful resources and tips for online 4th-grade math help, it’s important to make a note of what your child should already know in math. This will give you an understanding of what concepts they already grasp, what they need to improve on, and ground on which to base new concepts. Keep reading for 4th grade math practice help!

By the start of 4th grade, your child should be able to:

4th grade math

  • Multiply and divide from 0 to 100
  • Understand how multiplication and division work together (for example: if 3×5=15, then 15/3=5)
  • Find the unknown whole number in a three-number equation (for example, 4x?=8, ?x2=12, 3×7=?)
  • Recognize and correctly explain patterns in arithmetic with the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Read and solve multiplication and division word problems from 0 to 100 using drawings, equations, or other visual representation
  • And more.

If your child is not yet proficient in these tasks, don’t worry. There are several steps that can be implemented in the home, such as interactive number games you can play with your child and visual learning techniques. Action can be taken in school as well. Get in touch with your child’s teacher to discuss your concerns, collaborate, and find the best solution. I love when parents contact me about their concerns!

There are also plenty of 4th grade math practice sheets, games, and tutorials available throughout the web. To shorten your search, one of the most thorough, engaging, and entertaining platforms for online 4th grade math tutorials (and much more) can be found right here on ArgoPrep.

It is also wise to be aware of the material your child will cover. This way, you will know what to expect and what to look for in case you ever seek 4th grade math help.

During 4th Grade Your Child Will Learn:

4th grade math help online

  • Adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators
  • Factors from 1-100 and their relationships
  • Basic decimals and their relationship with fractions
  • Word problems involving fractions and whole numbers
  • and more

Study Up and Get Prepared

If you sneak a glimpse into your child’s 4th grade math practice workbook and find yourself feeling as confused as they do, it’s time to brush up. (It gets harder to keep up every year, doesn’t it?)Take a few hours—yes, of your own time—to practice the basics. Quiz yourself with some flashcards as well. If you don’t know the math, how can you help? Getting a tutor, online or otherwise, might be an option if you don’t have the time. However, online practice subscription programs can

4th Grade Math Help Resources

Browse a few of the other helpful articles available on ArgoPrep. These cover many terms and concepts that will help you and your student grasp 4th grade math practice exercises more easily. Familiarize yourself with the Common Core standards of your state and keep alight of your child’s progress. For more help with Common Core, take a look through ArgoPrep’s workbooks and online curriculum and get comfortable with online 4th grade math. While it’s true that teaching is the best way to learn, you don’t want to be more stuck than your student when they ask you for some help.

At-Home Practice: 4th Grade Math Help Best Practices

It is important to keep in mind that your child is just as frustrated as you are—if not more—about learning difficult concepts. Positive reinforcement is key. Praise your student when they solve problems correctly and remain gentle and steady when they don’t. Be aware that you may have to explain and re-explain yourself several times. The long-awaited “aha!” moment might not happen right away. If you remain patient, kind, and positive, it will come around. Don’t get discouraged; remember that there are a wide variety of options available that provide 4th grade math help if you need them.


4th grade math help online

Visuals are excellent aids in learning Many online 4th grade math forums provide these helpful visuals, but the ones you and your child create together may prove even more effective. Flashcards are a classic study tool. They are simple and, depending on your child’s familiarity with the concepts, can be very effective. Keep in mind that flashcards are not always the ideal tool during the beginning stages of learning a concept. Eventually, as your child progresses, flashcards are a great way to practice and reinforce topics your child is familiar with. You can find plenty of premade flashcards for 4th grade math help; alternatively, you can make a study session out of assembling your own custom set. Although a great tool, the meeting of math and creativity should not stop at flash cards.

Drawings are a great way to display problems. Don’t be afraid to get colorful and creative—pull out those crayons and markers! Encourage your child to draw with you. The more visually appealing the practice, the more your child will enjoy getting their homework done. Experiment with different physical objects to represent the equations your child must solve. For example, try representing a fraction equation with Lego bricks or Jenga pieces. The possibilities are endless (that is, until you run out of household items).


4th grade math practice online


Fun and interactive games are another stellar way to find some 4th grade math help for your child. You can make some at home with cards, tiles, marbles, or other small items. Finally, consider signing up for our curriculum here on ArgoPrep. There are not only tutorials and practice examples; games and activities are included as well. Our courses and materials are designed not just to teach your student, but to help them love what they learn.