ARGOPREP’s Initiative: “Education MUST BE EQUITABLE”

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ARGOPREP’s Initiative: “Education MUST BE EQUITABLE”


Regardless of family income or background, countless research studies show student academic performance is heavily tied to parent involvement. Schools and districts work hard to provide various equitable family engagement solutions to get families more involved. Unfortunately, across the board, most schools fail to provide equitable supplemental educational resources to families to support student learning.

Parents collectively spend billions of dollars a year purchasing math workbooks, summer workbooks, and various online learning platforms to help their children strengthen their knowledge outside of school. While this has created a massive boom in the private supplementary education market, the inequity continues to grow when we take a look at family income and background.

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There is currently no program initiatives that schools offer where every family is provided with high-quality resources – at no cost to the families, which would make accessing supplementary workbooks equitable.


ArgoPrep provides equitable resources for families at the district or school level.

ArgoPrep is an educational publisher specializing in K-8th grade covering all four subjects: math, ELA, science, and social studies. Schools with an ArgoPrep license are able to provide every family in their school access to our entire collection of digital workbooks and online platform. Families would be able to:

  • Access 100+ workbooks (including our summer workbooks)
  • Download or print any pages from our workbooks
  • Access over 500+ video lectures
  • Access over 30,000+ practice questions
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“We are so happy our school provided us with the ArgoPrep Learning Platform. I spend an hour every Saturday working with my son on ArgoPrep’s math workbooks. This is the first time I don’t have to purchase workbooks for him, especially in the summer.” – Amy G., 5th grade parent @Public School 199X.

Benefit for Parents:

Parents do not need to speak English to benefit from using ArgoPrep. Our platform was designed to truly be equitable, bringing these incredible and comprehensive solutions to not just every learner but also every parent.

Our onboarding videos on how to use the ArgoPrep website are in the following languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Ukrainian, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu, covering 95% of spoken household languages.

This allows every family despite income or background to benefit from these resources.

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The ArgoPrep platform has a myriad of technology tools that supports student learning without the intervention of parents and teachers. If a student is stuck on any question in our workbooks, we offer detailed video explanations for every question in our workbooks.

Benefit for Districts/Schools:

ArgoPrep is all about providing districts and schools with data that shows the real impact of this initiative.

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We provide you with the following data:

  • Percent of families who use the ArgoPrep platform
  • How many pages have been printed out
  • How many books were added
  • How many times an assignment was created
  • How many questions were answered
  • How many hours of video lessons were watched
  • How many times an eBook was open
  • How long the average session was
  • How many worksheets have been downloaded

More importantly, each school is assigned their own dedicated ArgoPrep account manager who is responsible for working closely with the Parent Coordinator and Assistant Principal for an effective roll out and also conduct family surveys throughout the school year.


At ArgoPrep, we believe in radically transparent pricing. This is a ground-breaking initiative that will help thousands of families in a single district. Our pricing structure is very simple.

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*This graph is for a school size of 538 students. The minimum value is calculated taking into consideration that only 25% of the families use the ArgoPrep platform.


We are a New York City-based EdTech company with over 15+ educational awards. Our workbooks have been used by over 1 million students nationwide. ArgoPrep is an approved DOE vendor. Additionally, ArgoPrep is also an approved vendor with the Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), allowing any public school to use our platform without district approval.

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Schedule a 20-minute demo with us today to learn more about bringing ArgoPrep to your school, teachers, and families:


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