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Social learners, gather round. Second grade math games are a great way to study math as well as practice teamwork.

Having some group fun is an excellent way to help your child branch out, both mathematically and socially.

Why Team Building Activities Can Help With Learning Math

During the second grade, your child will be
in a lot of ways. Their social and emotional skills will begin to sharpen and change.

Their peers will hold an increasingly strong impact on them. This can mean anything from the way they behave to the clothes they wear.

Their motor skills will likely improve. The concept of cause and effect, both in abstract ways and in physical situations, will take shape.

Every child grows at a different rate, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s also no denying that this early age is a time of many new developments that should be worked on in healthy ways. 

The Good About Games

Second grade math games help ease the frustration some kids may face.

Math gets
during this school year. Before second grade, number recognition and basic relationships were taught.

Now, your child will practice with more equations than they did before. They will become familiar with greater than and less than concepts.

They will practice with word problems and real-world applications of the math they have learned. The basics they have learned will be utilized in new structures.

To some kids, these new ideas are a breeze. To others, it can be a much bigger deal. In fact, they may end up disliking math because of their frustrations.

Games tackle the problem of making math more fun, while team-building activities take on developing healthy social skills. 

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Second Grade Math Games and Group Projects

From study groups to math competitions, cooperation and teamwork
your child’s abilities. Their ability to communicate well is important.

They need to know how to ask for help when they need it, discuss their frustrations, and understand the needs of others.

These skills will teach them to help themselves and the students they spend time with. Being able to listen to others’ ideas, as well as have the courage to express their own, is important.

This will help them solve problems in math and in their everyday lives. 

Group projects are often a daunting assignment in the classroom. Knowing that other students can rely on your child in these situations, and vice versa, is crucial.

Team building activities help your child build leadership and self-sufficiency. A sense of fairness and cooperation is also made through these activities.

This comes in handy in the classroom, from second grade all the way into the workplace. (Yes, that’s a long way off—but it’s never too early to get those skills sharpened!)


Ideas for Group Second Grade Math Games

A note before we provide some math game inspiration: none of these needs to be structured. These are meant as pointers and starter ideas only.

You can tweak and alter them however you wish. The point is to practice math, build teamwork skills, and have fun!


Math Jeopardy

These games are fun and cooperative. Templates for Jeopardy-style second grade math games are available online.

However, you can make your own at home out of paper. Friendly competition is an exciting way to engage kids and encourage teamwork.

Math jeopardy also requires quick thinking and group discussion. (Prizes are never a bad thing to throw into the mix!)

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Math Hopscotch

With chalk (or a very big piece of butcher paper), draw a hopscotch grid like you normally would.

In each space, write different numbers and equation symbols. These can be plus signs, minus signs, or even less-than and greater-than signs.

Have each student take turns jumping in the spaces and have them, or their team, solve the equation. If a student lands on two numbers in a row, use each number as a new digit.

For example, if they jump on 1 and then jump on 3, the number is 13. Alternatively, you can just add them. In the same example, the number in the equation would come out to 4. 


“War” with a Twist

The traditional card game “War” can be made into a fast-paced math game. Assign number values to face cards before starting.

If there are more than two students playing, equally divide the students into teams. Two students on opposing teams will drop cards as in a normal game of “War,” except in this version, they must add or subtract the numbers on the table.

(Regular “War” teaches greater-than and less-than pretty well, too.)

Have either team call out the solution; whichever side calls the correct solution first gets to keep the cards.

Need some more boosting in math? Argo Prep’s educational platform has a plethora of engaging, thorough instructional math videos and corresponding workbooks.

With Argo Prep’s help, your child will arrive at any team building activities as a star player!

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