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Are you looking for summer math workbooks or summer math activities for June and July? Look no further! Summertime is here, and the school year is on the way out. For the next few months, your child will have time to de-stress and enjoy a school-free life. Every student looks forward to this time because of the good times it yields and the memories that it helps make.

It is now known, though, that the dreaded summer slide exists.  This happens when, after a few months of completely zoning out academically, most of the learning that took place the year before goes out the window. Despite the review period that is sure to take place, the following school year can be considerably more difficult for the student that doesn’t study.

Summer Math Activities

No parent wants their child to struggle in school. To combat summer learning loss, many parents desperately try to sign their children up for tutoring programs during summer, but they often find the results disheartening. There is no kid on earth who wants to spend their summer in school while their friends are out living life. This is especially true for kids who hate math.

One solution is to find fun summer math activities for them to engage in with their friends in the form of summer math workbooks. That way, everybody wins – kids get to enjoy their summer vacation, and parents effectively prevent them from forgetting what they have learned. Here are a few math activities children can participate over summer to combat learning loss.

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Summer Math Workbooks: What Are They Good For?

have a ton of advantages. In fact, they share very few of the disadvantages that summer school programs have that make them so ineffective. They allow for independence and self-pacing, and they might not take as much time to work through. This keeps children from being burnt out as they might be if they attended school year-round.

One of the biggest advantages of summer math workbooks is cost-effectiveness. While summer schools and private tutors can cost several dollars per hour – hundreds or thousands per month – summer math workbooks can usually be found for cheap at your nearest bookstore. This makes them a great option, especially if you are available to help your child should they have any questions about the material.

Another big plus about
is that they are mobile. Books are easy to put in a bag or carry under an arm, meaning they can be brought to a relative’s house, a friend’s house, or even out of the country. Being absent from summer school means missing information and falling behind. Since kids get to keep their own pace, their summer math workbook will pick up the lessons where they left off should they stop studying for any period of time.

Third, summer math workbooks allow for collaboration. Being allowed to work with a friend or group of friends will make the process of studying more enjoyable. Not only will this help to combat summer learning loss, but it allows kids to retain the fun, social aspect of summer that might have otherwise escaped them. Summer math workbooks often have themes that make them more enjoyable as well, such as superheroes or princesses, which can spark conversations amongst peers.

Are There Any Alternatives?

 Of course, there is more than one way to tackle this issue. If workbooks aren’t the way you or your child would like to go, maybe games will be more up your alley. With access to a computer, new ways to make math enjoyable present themselves. ArgoPrep’s new K-8 math program is an alternative to summer math activities.

These days, kids spend way more time on their computers, iPads, and PlayStations than any of us did as children. Trying to pry them from their devices is often a futile effort, and if one device is not available, they will just find another one. If this is the case, it might be best to just make their studies easily accessible and buy them some math games to play. They will be considerably more eager to study, and the improvements they make will be easy to see.

In Conclusion

 It is difficult enough to get children to want to study during the school year. During summer, when everyone is off and having fun, that difficulty level increases tenfold. If you want your child to be successful in retaining what they learn during school, you will have to find a way to make the process enjoyable to them.

Not only is summer school boring for kids, but it’s also expensive, time-intensive, and structured for the group rather than any individual. Workbooks and games offer self-pacing and mobility, and they are less costly than summer schools and tutors. Since these options can be fun and involve friends, kids will be more eager to partake in these activities and will show more improvement as a result, and when school starts the following year, you can be sure that your child is ahead of the curve.

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