The Importance of Books and Reading

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The Importance of Books and Reading

The importance of books and the value of reading have a huge influence on how well students perform in school.  The value you receive from reading books is priceless and improves your quality of life.

Learning the benefits and the value of reading books will impact your life. From studying for a big exam to reading for pleasure, the benefits of reading books can have a positive outcome in your life.

The Importance of Books and Reading

The Importance of Books: They Stimulate the Brain

As children grow their minds need stimulation and an outlet for creativity. The importance of books at an early stage of lives can help children become better students. Reading can teach students of various subjects, help improve their vocabulary and increase test scores. It also allows us to visually and verbally paint an image of what we are reading, making it easier for us to understand what we read. Books stimulate our brains and open up our imaginations, and one of the reasons people read for pleasure. Starting early is important. In fact, it can help with kindergarten readiness.

Books Make You Smarter

The importance of books is detrimental to our learning capabilities due to access to information.  Wow, this may be the most obvious description of the post, right? Well, it turns out that reading helps in nearly all areas of smarts. Those that read have higher GPA’s, higher intelligence, and extensive knowledge than those that don’t.

In Anne E. Cunningham’s paper
, she found that reading makes you smarter, and it keeps you mindful with old age. Books allow you to expand your horizon and see things from a different point of view. Reading by far is one of the most productive things you can possibly do to dramatically improve.


Improved Focus is a Benefit

Improved reading Focus is a BenefitWhen you are reading, it is required to concentrate and not let the mind wander. Reading books is a form of meditation. Comprehending the text that you are reading is a mental exercise that over time improves cerebral discipline and focus. A focused mind is one of the values of reading books that you gain, and over time will eventually spill over to other areas of your life.

Being a stronger reader comes with having higher attention spans that are scarce in today’s age. With higher attention spans come higher productivity and better work quality. It is safe to say that the importance of books in one’s life is critical to a successful one.

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Improved Vocabulary

Improving vocabulary is one of the benefits of reading books. There are many books to read but I encourage you to read books that interest you. Your vocabulary will obviously expand giving you the ability to express yourself. Vocabulary is not only a reason to sound smarter, but It is also used to understand what you read. The importance of books in peoples lives has revealed positive results. Vocabulary also helps express yourself precisely. Thus giving you the power to better communicate with others.


Higher Math Scores

show that students that are strong readers are stronger math students. Students that read and comprehend text better than the students that don’t read are easier at solving math problems.  It is safe to say that some students get math problems wrong because they simply did not understand what the problem was asking. This is why daily math practice is so important.

Higher Math Scores reading books


Overlooking or simply not fully comprehending what you are reading can cause you to not follow instructions properly. Students that are stronger readers understand and focus more on word math problems which result in higher math exam scores. The stronger readers also finished exams much faster.


Final Thoughts for Parents

We encourage parents all over the world to show their children the importance of books.  The value students receive from reading is an advantage. All students should take advantage of the benefits of reading and becoming a strong reader. If you have children that are struggling in school especially with math, like so many other parents and kids, we encourage you to take action and start to invest the time and energy into resources that will help. One way to do so is to enroll in a program designed to help your child excel in every academic area. Our new K-8 math program was created to do just that.