Words that Start With I- Expand Your Vocabulary

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Words that Start With I- Expand Your Vocabulary

Do you think it is about time that your child begins learning words that start with I? I is the 9th letter of the English alphabet and also happens to be a vowel at the same time. This means that it is one of the most commonly used letters in the English language. It is a letter that you will find in a lot of words, but there are also a lot of words that start with I.

When Can You Introduce Words that Start With I?

Of course, it is important to learn words that start with I to have an enhanced vocabulary. However, there are also a lot of things that parents and teachers tend to forget. As an adult, you may not realize this, but learning new words that start with so many letters can be overwhelming for little children. Not to mention, it can be even more stressful when you are too quick at jumping from one letter to another.

You may feel like it’s the right time to start introducing words that start with I. However, it is best to first ensure that your child has a good grasp of the letters A to H. Jumping from one letter to the next when teaching different words makes it difficult for the child to absorb all of the information.

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Ideally, you should take breaks between teaching words that start with each letter. This allows children to process all the newly learned information. They also develop a better understanding of the new words you’re adding to their vocabulary. Teaching new words back to back can have adverse effects on your child’s learning ability and educational success. They may also start mixing up the meanings of different words or forget the difference between similar-sounding or similar-looking words.

Not to mention, learning new words beginning with so many letters can feel like a repetitive learning process for a child. If you do not give them breaks, your child will end up getting bored as well. So, make sure that your child gets a break before you introduce them to words that start with I.

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Importance of Vocabulary Words

The modern parenting and educational system advise parents and teachers to start working on children’s vocabulary from an early age. However, most parents and teachers do not realize the reasons why having an extensive vocabulary is so important. So, why is it important for children to build an extensive vocabulary that includes words starting with I?

Words play a huge role in personality development as well as the success that an individual experiences throughout their life. You must teach your child plenty of words starting with I if you wish for them to enjoy the countless benefits of a vast vocabulary.

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Learning vocabulary words from an early age has numerous benefits, including better educational development and enhanced communication skills. One of the very first advantages of learning vocabulary words as soon as they begin their education is the ability to read and understand. It encourages reading, which has several health and psychological benefits in itself.

The most common advantage of an enriched vocabulary is that kids develop awesome language and communication skills. When your child has various words in their vocabulary, they will be able to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a much better way. As a result, children feel seen and heard, which builds their emotional and mental strength.

An added benefit of being able to communicate is that children experience a boost in self-confidence. A child is more likely to interact with newer people when they realize that they are capable of correctly conveying their thoughts.

Teaching words that start with I improves children’s academic performance once they finally start learning these words at school. When a child knows more words, they are likely to understand instructions in the classroom.

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How to Teach the Letter I

Now that you have learned about the amazing benefits of an extensive vocabulary, you must be convinced to teach your words some new vocabulary words. Anyhow, what is the correct way of introducing words that start with I?

Learning new vocabulary words can instantly start making significant changes in your child’s personality and academic performance. However, you must not forget that the process involves baby steps. It is crucial to try not to rush the process or be too quick to jump to a new letter to avoid any difficulties. The ideal way to go about learning vocabulary words is to give your child plenty of time to learn words that start with I. Switching from learning ABCs to vocabulary words is already hard for children. Moreover, trying to learn words starting with each letter can make it a lot more confusing and stressful for little children.

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If you are too quick to introduce your child to words that start with I, it can really stress them out. They may also end up mixing similar words or meanings. You will find that children face several issues while they’re learning new words. Oftentimes, they struggle to either grasp the meaning of certain words or understand the usage. Children also tend to get bored of studying the same kind of information when you don’t give them an engaging experience.

The idea of learning vocabulary words can seem too boring by the time they have to learn words that start with I. Therefore, it is important that you make learning I words a fun experience by incorporating games and activities. Besides making study time fun, games and activities can also
These are just a few positive effects that active learning has on the brain.

Fun Games and Activities to Learn Words that Start With I

Memorizing new words with their spellings and meanings can be hard for young learners. The best way to help grasp most of the new information is to involve a lot of practice. But since practicing and learning over and over, in the same way, can be boring, children end up losing interest and get distracted. To avoid such a situation, it is important to introduce them to new things like worksheets. Or, another way to keep their interest is to engage them in fun-filled games and activities.

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Pictures can spark children’s interest, helping them understand words and remember them for longer. You can take the help of images if your child is struggling to learn certain words. For instance, you can engage them in an activity where they learn about common words that begin with the letter I. Once they learn to recognize the things, you can ask them to identify them without any help. At the end of the game, you can reward them with a food item that starts with I.

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This activity is particularly effective for verbs. A fun way to understand the meanings of difficult words that start with I is to use actions. You can make a list of verbs starting with the letter I and act them out with your child. You can take turns or even use props to play this game. This game allows a lot of room for creativity and is also extremely fun at the same time. Not only will it help understand and learn meanings, but it will also reduce stress from trying to memorize new vocabulary words.

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Interesting fact: The dot on the small letter ‘i’ has a name: ‘Title.’

I Words for Kids- Preschool and Kindergarten

Here are two separate lists of words that start with I to introduce to preschoolers and kindergartners.


Preschoolers are too young to be able to read or write words. However, it is still as important to teach them vocabulary words. Below is a list of words that are simple and easy to understand.

  • Ice-cream
  • Ink
  • Ice
  • Insect
  • Igloo
  • Itchy


Since kindergartners are comparatively smarter, they can understand the meanings as well as the usage of words. The following words are easy, to begin with.

  • If: in case of
  • Inside: to be contained within
  • Ill: feeling of sickness
  • Idea: a concept or thought
  • Item: an object
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Words that Start With I- Elementary School

Elementary school kids are grown up and therefore introduced to many new activities and concepts, such as pronouns or comprehension reading.

Lower Elementary

  • Important: anything with a big effect
  • Indeed: definitely
  • Illegal: an act or idea that disobeys the law
  • Instead: substitute of
  • Imagine: to create an image in mind
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Upper Elementary

  • Indicate: to show or point towards something
  • Increase: growing or becoming more
  • Individual: single or one
  • Impossible: something that cannot take place
  • Instant: quick or rapid
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Words that Start With I- Exercises

It is easier to learn new information with the help of practice exercises. Here are two that will help kids learn words that start with I.

Exercise #1

Draw or act out the following words that start with I

  • Ice-cream
  • Itch
  • Interrupt
  • Igloo
  • Insect

Exercise #2

Look at the things around you and make a list of things that start with I.

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