Adjectives Starting with I: 760 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with I: 760 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

Adjectives in writing serve a variety of different purposes. This is why it’s so important to have a big vocabulary filled with adjectives that start with I.

If you are crafting your own piece, adjectives that start with I will add value and interest to your writing. This is often referred to as “snow” in writing: words that make your writing look pretty and add fluff. When you add adjectives that start with I, your reader will be able to picture what you’re talking about more clearly.

The other reason you might want to know adjectives that start with I is to perform better on high-stakes exams like the GRE or SAT. Even though you won’t be able to memorize all of the adjectives starting with I for the exam, when you spend time expanding your vocabulary, you’re more likely to increase your scores on standardized tests.
adjectives that start with the letter i

Adjective Review

Before we dig into our list of adjectives starting with I, let’s first review the basic definition of an adjective.

An adjective is a part of speech. Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns,
These words, like fluffy, gentle, and dreary, help create more imagery in writing. Instead of saying that the day was cold, you could say the day was dreary and gray, and that you could see your breath. These adjectives add interest to what you are writing and engage your reader.

Since adjectives modify nouns and pronouns, they always come before the word they are changing. It is not uncommon for a sentence to have multiple adjectives. 

Adjectives are generally broken up into the following categories:

  • Possessive Adjectives (My, your, his, her, their, our).
  • Demonstrative Adjectives (These, those, this, and that).
  • Coordinate Adjectives (adjectives that are separated with commas or the word and,).
  • Numbers adjectives (generally all numbers used in a sentence is an adjective).
  • Interrogative Adjectives (What, which, and whose).
  • Indefinite Adjectives (any, many, no, several, and few).
  • Attributive Adjectives (Words that describe traits, qualities, and features).

Test Your Knowledge On Adjectives



Adjectives Starting with I

describing words beginning with i

Thousands of adjectives start with the letter I, which is great news for you, as a writer! This means that your writing doesn’t have to be stale or boring for your reader.

As you can see, each of these words have numerous variations, which will help you match the word to your intended meaning.

ideal imprecise indefatigable inglorious intercontinental
idealised impregnable indefeasible ingrained intercostal
idealistic impressed indefensible ingratiating intercrossed
idealized impressible indefinable ingratiatory interdenominational
ideational impressionable indefinite ingrowing interdepartmental
idempotent impressionist indehiscent ingrown interdependent
identical impressionistic indelible inguinal interdisciplinary
identifiable impressive indelicate inhabitable interested
identified imprisoned indentured inhabited interesting
ideographic improbable independent inhalant interfacial
ideologic impromptu indescribable inharmonic interfaith
ideological improper indestructible inharmonious interfering
idiographic improvable indeterminable inherent intergalactic
idiomatic improved indeterminate inheritable interim
idiomatical improvident indexical inherited interior
idiopathic improving indexless inheriting interlaced
idiosyncratic improvised indian inhibited interlacing
idiotic imprudent indicative inhibitory interlineal
idle impudent indicatory inhomogeneous interlinear
idolatrous impugnable indictable inhospitable interlinking
idolised impuissant indie inhuman interlobular
idolized impulsive indifferent inhumane interlocking
idyllic impure indigenous inhumed interlocutory
iliac imputable indigent inimical intermediate
ill imputrescible indigestible inimitable intermeshed
illative in indignant iniquitous interminable
illegal inaccessible indigo initial intermittent
illegible inaccurate indirect initiative intermolecular
illegitimate inactive indiscernible initiatory intermural
illiberal inadequate indiscreet injectable internal
illicit inadmissible indiscrete injudicious international
illimitable inadvertent indiscriminate injured internationalist
illiterate inadvisable indiscriminating injurious internationalistic
illogical inaesthetic indispensable inky internecine
illuminated inalienable indisposed inlaid interoceptive
illuminating inalterable indisputable inland interoperable
illusional inane indissoluble inmost interpersonal
illusionary inanimate indistinct innate interplanetary
illusive inapplicable indistinguishable inner interpretable
illusory inapposite individual innermost interpretative
illustrative inappreciable individualised innocent interpreted
illustrious inappropriate individualist innocuous interpretive
imaginable inapt individualistic innovational interracial
imaginary inarguable individualized innovative interred
imaginative inarticulate indivisible innoxious interrelated
imbalanced inartistic indocile innumerable interrogative
imbecile inattentive indolent innumerate interrogatory
imbecilic inaudible indomitable innumerous interrupted
imbricate inaugural indonesian inodorous interscholastic
imbricated inauspicious indoor inoffensive interschool
imitation inauthentic indrawn inoperable intersectant
imitative inboard indubitable inoperative intersecting
immaculate inborn induced inopportune intersexual
immanent inbound inducive inordinate interspecies
immaterial inbred inductive inorganic interspecific
immature inbuilt indulgent inpouring interstate
immeasurable incalculable indurate inquiring interstellar
immediate incan indusial inquisitive interstitial
immemorial incandescent industrial inquisitorial intertidal
immense incapable industrialised inquisitory intertribal
immensurable incapacitated industrialized insalubrious intervening
imminent incapacitating industrious insane intervertebral
immiscible incarnate indwelling insanitary interwoven
immobile incased inebriated insatiable intestate
immoderate incautious inedible insatiate intestinal
immodest incendiary ineffable inscribed intimal
immoral incensed ineffective inscriptive intimate
immortal inceptive ineffectual inscrutable intimidated
immotile incertain inefficacious insectan intimidating
immovable incessant inefficient insecticidal intolerable
immoveable incestuous inelaborate insectivorous intolerant
immune inchoate inelastic insecure intoned
immunised inchoative inelegant insensate intoxicant
immunized incident ineligible insensible intoxicated
immunochemical incidental ineluctable insensitive intoxicating
immunocompetent incipient inept insentient intracellular
immunocompromised incised inequitable inseparable intracerebral
immunodeficient incisive ineradicable inshore intracranial
immunogenic incitive inerrable inside intractable
immunologic inclement inerrant insidious intracutaneous
immunological inclined inert insightful intradepartmental
immunosuppressed included inertial insignificant intradermal
immunosuppressive inclusive inescapable insincere intradermic
immunotherapeutic incognito inessential insinuating intragroup
immutable incognizable inestimable insipid intralinguistic
impacted incognizant inevitable insistent intralobular
impaired incognoscible inexact insolent intramolecular
impalpable incoherent inexcusable insoluble intramural
imparipinnate incombustible inexhaustible insolvable intramuscular
impartial incoming inexorable insolvent intransigent
impassable incommensurable inexpedient insomniac intransitive
impassioned incommensurate inexpensive insouciant intrapulmonary
impassive incommodious inexperienced inspirational intrasentential
impatient incommunicado inexperient inspiratory intraspecies
impeccable incommunicative inexpert inspired intraspecific
impeccant incommutable inexpiable inspiring intrastate
impecunious incomparable inexplicable inspiriting intrauterine
impeded incompatible inexplicit inst intravenous
impeding incompetent inexpressible instant intraventricular
impelled incomplete inexpressive instantaneous intrepid
impellent incomprehensible inexpugnable instigative intricate
impelling incomprehensive inexpungeable instinct intriguing
impendent incompressible inexpungible instinctive intrinsic
impending incomputable inextensible institutional intrinsical
impenetrable inconceivable inexterminable institutionalised introductory
impenitent inconclusive inextinguishable institutionalized introjected
imperative incongruent inextirpable instructional introspective
imperceptible incongruous inextricable instructive introuvable
imperfect inconsequent infallible instrumental introversive
imperfectible inconsequential infamous insubordinate introverted
imperforate inconsiderable infantile insubstantial introvertish
imperial inconsiderate infatuated insufferable introvertive
imperialist inconsistent infeasible insufficient intruding
imperialistic inconsolable infected insular intrusive
imperious inconspicuous infectious insulting intuitionist
imperishable inconstant infective insuperable intuitive
impermanent incontestable infelicitous insupportable intumescent
impermeable incontestible inferential insurable inundated
impermissible incontinent inferior insured inured
impersonal incontrovertible infernal insurgent inutile
impertinent inconvenient infertile insurmountable invading
imperturbable inconvertible infinite insurrectional invalid
imperviable incorporate infinitesimal insurrectionary invalidated
impervious incorporated infinitival insusceptible invalidating
impetiginous incorporative infirm intact invaluable
impetuous incorporeal inflamed intangible invariable
impious incorrect inflammable integral invariant
impish incorrigible inflammatory integrated invasive
implacable incorrupt inflatable integrative inventive
implanted incorrupted inflated integumental inverse
implausible incorruptible inflationary integumentary invertebrate
implemental increased inflected intellectual inverted
implemented increasing inflectional intelligent invertible
implicated incredible inflexible intelligible investigative
implicational incredulous inflowing intemperate investigatory
implicative incremental influent intended inveterate
implicit incriminating influential intense invidious
implike incriminatory informal intensified invigorated
imploring inculpable informational intensifying invigorating
impolite inculpative informative intensional invincible
impolitic inculpatory informatory intensive inviolable
imponderable incumbent informed intent inviolate
important incurable infrahuman intentional invisible
imported incurious inframaxillary interactional invitational
importunate incursive infrangible interactive invitatory
imposed incurvate infrared interbred inviting
imposing incurved infrasonic intercalary involucrate
impossible indebted infrequent intercellular involuntary
impotent indecent infuriated interchangeable involute
impoverished indecipherable infuriating interchurch involved
impracticable indecisive ingenious intercollegiate invulnerable
impractical indecorous ingenuous interconnected inward


Adjectives Index

Adjectives starting with:







adjectives that start with i to describe a person

Whether you are trying to boost your vocabulary for the vocabulary sections of high-stakes assessments, or simply trying to make your writing more interesting, adjectives that start with I, are easy to find and use.

Remember, adjectives have many jobs, so if you are looking to add some interest to your writing, you will most likely be able to find adjectives that start with I.

Are you looking for more topics like this one? ArgoPrep blog is filled with information, just like this, that will help you understand more clearly and grow as a writer.

In the next article you can know about adjectives beginning with L.