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What are adjectives?

Adjectives are a set of words that add description and imagery to a text by describing the nouns and pronouns present. They are useful to make a piece of writing more specific and interesting. Red, heavy, and hundreds are a few simple examples of adjectives.

Let’s take a closer look at the example words above. You can easily conclude that they are describing words that can be used with nouns or pronouns to provide information.

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We can use adjectives to describe things, people, feelings, and thoughts. Adjectives are a vast topic in grammar. There are at least 13 types of them. We are going to discuss some common ones to help you have an idea of what adjectives exactly are.

You will also realize the reason they are a very important yet interesting part of speech.

Descriptive adjectives.

These are the most common types of adjectives as most of the adjectives are descriptive. They describe the qualities and characteristics of the subject.

Examples: A friendly guy, red roses

Indefinite adjectives.

We use indefinite adjectives to talk about a person or thing in a general manner. These are also sometimes used as pronouns.

Examples: Some, Many, Few, All

Possessive adjectives.

Such adjective answer the question of ‘whose?’

Examples: Our house, Their ball

Now that you have had a look at examples and our brief discussion of common types of adjectives, get ready. We have a few quiz questions for you to answer.

Adjectives Quiz

Identify and choose the adjectives from the given options:

  • Beautiful
  • Party
  • Every
  • Place

  • You
  • Talented
  • When
  • Guitarist

  • Library
  • Big
  • School
  • The

  • Creepy
  • Hear
  • You
  • Sound

  • Always
  • Room
  • Why
  • Messy

  • Been
  • Big
  • Have
  • Mall

  • Workspace
  • Your
  • Love
  • Tidy

  • Help
  • Poor
  • Lets
  • Man

  • Finest
  • Town
  • Have
  • Clothes

  • Love
  • Movie
  • Interesting


List of adjectives starting with U

Ubiquitous Ugly Unintelligent Unbitter Unbitter
Ultimate Unselfish Unjust Unabated Unbleached
Ultra Unsinkable Unmotivated Unable Unblemished
Umber Unspoiled Unnerved Unabridged Unblended
Unable Unstoppable Unpleasant Unabused Unblessed
Unacceptable Untainted Unpredictable Unaccented Unblinking
Unactive Untapped Unpretentious Unacceptable Unbloody
Unadvisable Untroubled Unprincipled Unaccepted Unblushing
Unargued Unused Unreceptive Unaccessible Unbodied
Unarmed Upbeat Unrepentant Unaccommodating Unbolted
Unasked Upmost Unromantic Unaccompanied Unbooked
Unbecoming Upper Unscrupulous Unaccountable Unbordered
Unbelievable Upright Unselfish Unaccredited Unborn
Unbelieved Upward Unstressed Unaccustomed Unbound
Unbidden Urbane Unsullied Unachievable Unbounded
Unbidden Useful Unsure Unacknowledged Unbowed
Unblemished Utopian Unthankful Unacquainted Unbraced
Unborn Utter Unthinking Unacquisitive Unbrainwashed
Unbuttoned Utter Untrue Unactable Unbranched
Uncanny Ugly Untrusting Unactive Unbranching
Uncertain Unable Unwary Unadaptable Unbranded
Uncompromising Unacceptable Unwilling Unadapted Unbreakable
Unconditional Unaccountable Unworried Unaddicted Unbridgeable
Uncontested Unaccustomed Unyielding Unaddressed Unbridled
Uncurable Unacknowledged Upbeat Unadjustable Unbroken
Uncut Unadvised Uproarious Unadjusted Unbrushed
Underage Unaffordable Uptight Unadoptable Unburdened
Undercurrent Unanswerable Ukrainian Unadorned Unburied
Underdressed Unanticipated Unable Unadulterated Unburnished
Underground Unapologetic Unacceptable Unadventurous Uncamphorated
Underhand Unappealing Unaccountable Unadvisable Uncanny
Underhanded Unappetizing Unacknowledged Unadvised Uncapped
Undirected Unappreciative Unaffected Unaerated Uncarbonated
Undisclosed Unapproachable Unattractive Unaesthetic Uncaring
Undone Unattainable Unavailable Unaffected Uncarpeted
Undue Unattractive Unbalanced Unaffecting Uncarved
Unearthed Unauthorized Unbeatable Unaffectionate Uncastrated
Uneasy Unavailable Unbelievable Unaffiliated Uncategorised
Unemployed Unbearable Unblemished Unaffixed Uncategorized
Unerring Unbeatable Unblinking Unaffordable Uncaulked
Unfailing Unbecoming Unblushing Unafraid Uncaused
Unfaithful Uncaring Unchangeable Unaged Unceasing
Unfavorable Uncertain Uncivilized Unaggressive Uncensored
Unfilled Unclean Uncommon Unagitated Unceremonial
Unfirm Uncommunicative Unconditional Unaided Unceremonious
Unfit Uncomprehending Unconscious Unaired Uncertain
Ungainly Unconquerable Undefeated Unairworthy Uncertified
Unglued Unconscionable Underage Unalarming Unchained
Ungovernable Unconscious Underbred Unalert Unchallengeable
Ungraceful Uncontrollable Underprivileged Unalienable Unchallenged
Unhappy Uncooperative Underqualified Unalike Unchangeable
Unheard Uncoordinated Underrated Unalloyed Unchanged
Unified Uncouth Undisputed Unalterable Unchanging
Uniform Undefined Undoubted Unaltered Uncharacteristic
Unilateral Underfunded Unemployed Unambiguous Uncharged
United Underhanded Unfaithful Unambitious Uncharitable
Universal Underrated Unfavorable Unamended Uncharted
Unjust Undesirable Unfocused Unanalyzable Unchartered
Unkind Undignified Unforgettable Unanalyzed Unchaste
Unknown Undiplomatic Unguarded Unangry Uncheckable
Unlike Undisciplined Unharmed Unanimated Unchecked
Unlimited Undistinguished Unholy Unanimous Uncheerful
Unloved Uneasy Unhurt Unannealed Unchewable
Unmade Uneducated Unimpeachable Unannounced Unchivalrous
Unmerciful Unemployed Unimpressive Unanswerable Unchristian
Unmistakable Uneven Uninformed Unanswered Unchristianly
Unnatural Unfair Uninjured Unanticipated Unchristlike
Unneighborly Unfaithful Unique Unapologetic Uncial
Unparalleled Unfamiliar United Unappareled Uncivil
Unpassable Unfashionable Unladylike Unapparent Uncivilised
Unpredictable Unfavorable Unlucky Unappealable Uncivilized
Unqualified Unfeeling Unmanly Unappealing Unclad
Unquestionable Unfilled Unmatched Unappeasable Unclaimed
Unread Unforeseeable Unnoticeable Unappendaged Unclassifiable
Unreal Unforgettable Unobjectionable Unappetising Unclassified
Unremitting Unforgivable Unorthodox Unappetizing Unclean
Unripe Unforgiving Unpopular Unappreciated Uncleanly
Unrivaled Unfortunate Unpredictable Unappreciative Unclear
Unruly Unfriendly Unprompted Unapprehensive Uncleared
Unseen Ungraceful Unqualified Unapproachable Unclimbable
Unsettling Unguarded Unrefined Unarbitrary Unclipped
Unsorted Unhappy Unreliable Unarguable Unclogged
Unstable Unhealthy Unresponsive Unargued Unclothed
Unstudied Unheeded Unruly Unargumentative Unclouded
Unsubstantiated Unhelpful Unsafe Unarmed Uncluttered
Unsuitable Unimpressive Unscathed Unarmored Uncoated
Unthinkable Uninformed Unsightly Unarmoured Uncoiled
Unthinking Uninspired Unsophisticated Unarticulate Uncollected
Untitled Unintelligent Unspeakable Unarticulated Uncollectible
Untrue Unintended Unspoiled Unartistic Uncolored
Unusual Unjust Unstable Unary Uncoloured
Unwashed Unkempt Unsuited Unascertainable Uncolumned
Unwell Unkind Unsullied Unascribable Uncombable
Unwieldy Unlawful Unsupervised Unashamed Uncombed
Unwilling Unlicensed Unsupported Unasked Uncombined
Unwise Unlikable Untested Unassailable Uncomely
Unwitting Unmerciful Unthinking Unassertive Uncomfortable
Unworkable Unmitigated Untidy Unassignable Uncommercial
Unworthy Unnatural Untouchable Unassigned Uncommercialised
Unwritten Unnecessary Untrue Unassisted Uncommercialized
Unabashed Unobtainable Untrustworthy Unassuming Uncommitted
Unadorned Unplanned Untrusty Unassured Uncommon
Unadulterated Unprofessional Unusual Unasterisked Uncommunicative
Unaffected Unraveled Unwell Unattached Uncomparable
Unafraid Unreachable Unwitting Unattackable Uncompartmented
Unanimous Unreadable Uppity Unattainable Uncompassionate
Unassailable Unrealistic Upright Unattended Uncompensated
Unassisted Unruly Upsetting Unattired Uncompetitive
Unbeatable Unsafe Upstage Unattractive Uncomplaining
Unbeaten Unsettled Upstanding Unattributable Uncomplete
Unbiased Unsettling Urbane Unauthentic Uncompleted
Unblemished Unsightly Used Unauthorised Uncomplicated
Unbreakable Unskilled Useful Unauthorized Uncomplimentary
Unceasing Unsolvable Useless Unavailable Uncompounded
Uncluttered Unsophisticated Utopian Unavailing Uncomprehended
Unconcerned Unsound Uber Unavenged Uncomprehending
Unconditional Unsuited Ubiquitous Unavoidable Uncomprehensible
Unconstrained Unsure Ugandan Unavowed Uncompromising
Unconventional Untamed Ugliest Unawakened Unconcealed
Uncritical Unafraid Ugly Unaware Unconcerned
Undaunted Unapologetic Ukrainian Unawed Unconditional
Undefeated Unappreciative Ulcerated Unbacked Unconditioned
Undeniable Unashamed Ulcerative Unbaffled Unconfessed
Understanding Unassuming Ulcerous Unbalanced Unconfined
Understood Unbelieving Ulnar Unbalconied Unconfirmed
Undisputed Unbendable Ult Unbanded Unconformable
Undivided Unbiased Ulterior Unbaptised Unconformist
Undoubted Uncertain Ultimate Unbaptized Unconfused
Unencumbered Uncharitable Ultimo Unbarred Uncongenial
Unending Uncomfortable Ultra Unbarreled Unconnected
Unequivocal Uncompassionate Ultraconservative Unbarrelled Unconquerable
Unerring Uncompromising Ultramarine Unbearable Unconquered
Uneventful Unconcerned Ultramicroscopic Unbeatable Unconscientious
Unfailing Unconformist Ultramodern Unbeaten Unconscionable
Unfailing Uncooperative Ultramontane Unbecoming Unconscious
Unforgettable Uncouth Ultranationalistic Unbefitting Unconsecrated
Uniform Undaunted Ultrasonic Unbeholden Unconsidered
Uninjured Understanding Ultraviolet Unbeknown Unconsolable
Uninterrupted Undiplomatic Umbellar Unbeknownst Unconsolidated
Unique Unemotional Umbellate Unbelievable Unconstipated
United Unenergetic Umbelliferous Unbelieved Unconstitutional
United Unfeeling Umbelliform Unbelieving Unconstrained
Universal Unflappable Umber Unbeloved Unconstricted
Unmasked Unflinching Umbilical Unbelted Unconstructive
Unmatched Unfriendly Umbilicate Unbendable Unconsumed
Unmistakable Ungentlemanly Umbrageous Unbending Unconsummated
Unopposed Ungracious Umbrella Unbeneficed Uncontainable
Unperturbed Ungrateful Umbrellalike Unbent Uncontaminated
Unprecedented Unhappy Umpteen Unbiased Uncontaminating
Unquestioning Unhelpful Umpteenth Unbiassed Uncontested
Unrivaled Unimaginative Umptieth Unbidden Uncontrived
Unruffled Uninspired Umteen Unbigoted Uncontrollable


Bottom Line

Adjectives are words that add detailed sense to nouns and pronouns. They enrich texts with imagery and emotions. Don’t forget to use our list of adjectives to make your writings more specific.

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