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What are adjectives?

There are some words that we use to describe a thing or person, or even our feelings and thoughts. Grammarians refer to such words as adjectives.

Adjectives are defined or learned as words that modify or describe a noun. When you need to add detailed sense to describe anything, you make use of adjectives to communicate.  For instance you can’t differentiate between sweet and sour fruits if there weren’t these adjectives to describe the taste of fruits.

Similarly, adjectives are useful to spark emotions and imagination. Imagine if your friend only talked about a bag he saw at the market without mentioning its color. Would you want to buy it without knowing any specific details?

Adjectives help you differentiate between opposite things while also providing information about nouns and pronouns. Not to mention, adjectives also talk about the number of certain nouns.

For example, the sentence “Eight students are absent today” tells you about the number of students absent on the day.

Adjectives are used to perform different functions in speech, which is what makes them so interesting. If you find it hard to understand the tricky grammar concepts, refer to our range of workbooks and printable worksheets for help. These will help you refine your grammar skills.

Here is a quick quiz to help you spot adjectives and understand them better.

Adjectives Quiz

Select the adjectives from the given options:

  • Outfit
  • Leather
  • Well
  • Boots

  • Weather
  • Today
  • Very
  • Windy

  • Scrambled
  • Breakfast
  • You
  • Eggs

  • Jewelry
  • Prefer
  • Pearly
  • Does

  • Soulful
  • Love
  • Music
  • We

  • Like
  • Chocolate
  • Have
  • Ice cream

  • Day
  • Lend
  • Coat
  • Blue

  • diamond
  • Personality
  • Ring
  • Suits

  • Minutes
  • Talk
  • Can
  • Few


List of adjectives starting with S

Saccharine Stunning Sneaky Sandaled Sexless
    Sabbatical Sturdy Snobby Sanded Sexual
    Sacred Stylish Sociopathic Sandy Sexy
    Saddled Suave Softhearted Sane Shady
    Sage Sublime Somber Sanguinary Shaggy
    Sallowish Substantiated Spirited Sanguine Shakable
    Salmon Successful Spiritless Sanguineous Shameful
    Samaritan Sufficient Spiritual Sanitary Shameless
    Samoan Suitable Spiteful Sanitized Shaped
    Sanded Super Spoiled Sapid Shapeless
    Sandy Superb Spontaneous Sapiens Sharp
    Sapphire Superior Spunky Sapient Sharpened
    Sappy Supple Steadfast Sapless Shaven
    Satellite Supreme Stingy Saponaceous Shifting
    Satin Sure Stubborn Sapphic Shiftless
    Satire Survivable Studious Sappy Shifty
    Savage Sustainable Submissive Sarcastic Shimmery
    Savant Swanky Sullen Sardonic Shining
    Savory Sweet Supportive Sartorial Shiny
    Scented Swift Surprised Sassy Shivery
    Scotch Symmetrical Same Satanic Shocked
    Scrubbed Sympathetic Sardinian Satiable Shocking
    Seabound Systematic Satanic Satiated Short
    Seagoing Sadistic Scarce Satiric Short-tempered
    Seared     Sad Scarred Satirical Showy
    Seasick     Saddened Scary Satisfactory Shrinkable
    Seaside     Salty Scholarly Satisfied Shriveled
    Seasoned     Sanctimonious Scotch Satisfying Shuttered
    Seated     Sarcastic Scottish Saucy Shy
    Seatless     Sardonic Scratched Scabby Sick
    Seaworthy     Sassy Scratchy Scabrous Sickened
    Secret     Savage Screaming Scalable Sickening
    Secretarial     Scalding Scruffy Scalar Sickish
    Secretory     Scaly Sculptured Scalding Side
    Sedative     Scamp Seated Scalloped Sided
    Sedentary     Scandalous Secular Scandalous Sightless
    Seedy     Scant Sedate Scant Sigmoidal
    Seemly     Scanty Seedy Scanty Signal
    Segmented     Scared Senegalese Scapular Signed
    Segregated     Scarred Senile Scared Significant
    Seldom     Scary Senior Scarred Silent
    Select     Scathing Sensational Scenic Silky
    Self-evident     Scorching Sentient Scented Silly
    Senile     Scornful Separated Scentless Silver
    Senior     Scraggly Serbian Sceptered Similar
    Senseful     Scratched Serviceable Scheduled Simple
    Sensual     Scratchy Shaky Schematic Simplex
    Sentient     Scrawny Shapely Schismatic Simplified
    Septic     Screaming Sheltered Scholastic Simplistic
    Sequestered     Scruffy Shocking Sciatic Simulated
    Serious     Scummy Short Scientific Simultaneous
    Serving     Seditious Shuddering Scorbutic Sincere
    Sessional     Seedy Sicilian Scornful Sinful
    Set     Selfish Sick Scotch Single
    Seven     Senseless Sickening Scrappy Singular
    Seventh     Shabbier Sickly Scratched Sinkable
    Sexual     Shabbiest Silent Scratchy Sizable
    Shady     Shabby Simple Screechy Sizeable
    Sheepish     Shallow Sinful Screwball Skeptical
    Shelled     Sham Sinless Screwy Sketchy
    Shifty     Shameful Sitting Scrimpy Skilled
    Shocking     Sheepish Six Scriptural Skillful
    Shooting     Showy Sixty Scrotal Skinny
    Shrill     Shrieking Sizable Scrubbed Slanderous
    Shuttered     Shrill Skanky Scrubby Sleeved
    Shy     Sick Skinny Scrumptious Slick
    Sided     Sickened Slender Scrupulous Slicked
    Sighted     Sickening Slight Sculptural Sliding
    Signatory     Sickly Slim Sculptured Slight
    Significant     Sidelined Sloppy Scummy Slighted
    Silly     Sinister Slothful Scurfy Slightest
    Silver     Skeptical Slovakian Scurrilous Slighting
    Single     Sketchy Slovenly Scurvy Slim
    Sinless     Skittish Slow Seagoing Slimed
    Sizable     Slimy Small Sealed Slimy
    Smirking     Sloppy Smart Seamed Slivery
Sacred     Slow Smiling Seamy Sloppy
Safe     Sluggish Smooth Sear Sloshed
Saintly     Smelly Snug Seared Slothful
Salaried     Smoggy Sober Searing Slow
Salvageable     Smudged Soft Seasonable Slumberous
Salvaged     Snarling Soldierly Seasonal Slummy
Sanctified     Sneaky Solid Seasoned Slushy
Sane     Snide Somalian Seaward Small
Sanitary     Snobbish Sophisticated Secretarial Smart
Sapient     Snooty Sore Secretive Smarter
Satisfactory     Snoring Sorry Sectional Smartest
Savable     Soggy Spanish Sedative Smashing
Savant     Sole Sparse Seditious Smiling
Scenic     Sore Spent Seductive Smoggy
Scented     Sorry Splendid Sedulous Smoking
Scheduled     Sparse Spotless Seeable Smoky
Schematic     Spasmodic Spry Seedy Smooth
Scholarly     Spastic Stable Segmental Smoothed
Scientific     Spattered Startled Segregated Smoothened
Scintillating     Spineless Stately Seismic Smudged
Scrumptious     Spiteful Statuesque Seldom Smudgy
Seamless     Splattered Still Selective Smutty
Secure     Splintered Stirring Self-absorbed Snafu
Select     Spoiled Stocky Self-assured Snaky
Selected     Squirrelly Stout Self-centered Snappish
Senior     Stagnant Straight Self-directed Snappy
Sensational     Stale Strong Self-disciplined Snarky
Serious     Stark Stung Self-evident Snazzy
Sharp     Stereotyped Stunned Selfish Sneak
Sharpened     Stern Stupid Selfless Sneaking
Sheer     Stiff Sturdy Self-reliant Sneaky
Shining     Stilted Substantial Sellable Snide
Shiny     Stinging Superior Semantic Sniffy
Showy     Stingy Supple Semiaquatic Snobby
Significant     Straggly Sure Semiconscious Snooty
Simplified     Stranded Surly Semiformal Snoring
Sincere     Stressful Surprising Semiliquid Snotty
Sisterly     Strict Swazi Seminal Snowy
Sizable     Stubby Swedish Semiofficial Snub
Skilled     Stumbling Sweet Semiotic Soaring
Skillful     Stunned Swiss Semipermeable Social
Skinny     Stuttering Swollen Semiprecious Sociological
Slender     Subdued Sympathetic Semite Sociopathic
Smart     Submissive Syrian Semitic Socratic
Smarter     Subordinate Sabine Semitropical Soft
Smartest     Subservient Sable Senior Sole
Smiling     Subversive Saclike Sensate Solid
Smokeless     Sullen Sacral Sensational Somber
Snappy Sarcastic Sacred Sensible Sonorous
Soaring Sardonic Sacrificial Sensitive Soothed
Social Sassy Sad Sensual Soothing
Socratic Saucy Saddened Sensuous Sophisticated
Soft Savage Sadder Sentential Sorrowful
Softening Savvy Saddled Sententious Sorrowing
Soothed Scholastic Sadistic Sentient Sorry
Soothing Scornful Safe Sentimental Sounding
Spacious Secretive Sagacious Separable Soundless
Sparkling Seductive Sage Separated Southern
Special Self-absorbed Sagittal Separatist Spacious
Specialist Self-assured Saharan Sequent Spangled
Specific Self-centered Sainted Sequential Sparkling
Spectacular Self-directed Salable Sequestered Spastic
Speedy Self-disciplined Salacious Sequined Spatial
Spirited Selfless Salaried Seraphic Spavined
Spiritual Self-reliant Saleable Serial Special
Splendid Sensible Saline Serious Specifiable
Stability Sensuous Salivary Serologic Specific
Stable Sentimental Sallow Serological Specious
Staid Serene Salt Serrated Speculative
Standard Serious Salted Serviceable Speechless
Standing Short-tempered Salty Sessional Speedy
Stately Shrewd Salubrious Setaceous Spendable
Steadfast Silly Salvageable Severable Spermicidal
Stimulating Sincere Salvaged Several Spinal
Straight Skeptical Salvific Severe Spiny
Strategic Snarky Sanative Sexist Spiral


Final thoughts

We use adjectives on a daily basis to describe different things and feelings. These words help us convey our message in a better way with the vivid imagery they provide. Our list of adjectives starting with D will help you do the same through your written pieces.

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