Adjectives Starting with A – 240 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with A – 240 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

Did you know that our words and ideas are raw materials that need tools to get into shape? We call them parts speech and they’re the tools that polish and beautify our sentences.

Adjectives are such powerful language tools because they make any piece of writing more interesting, detailed, and vibrant.

That’s the quality of adjectives: they are words that describe nouns and pronouns and add interesting details to them.

For example, “I am eating a juicy, red apple.” Here, juicy and red serve as adjectives and you can see how the sentence would have fallen flat if we had not enriched it with our adjectives.

We know grammar concepts can be tricky to understand. This is why we offer you a range of workbooks and printable worksheets that help you ace the concepts and polish your skills.

positive adjectives that start with a

Adjectives – Using them before the Noun

When using an adjective before a noun, the correct placement is always right before the noun it is describing or modifying. The grammarians use the word modify to describe the usage of an adjective with the noun.

Here are some examples of the adjective placement before a noun:

  • Blue coat
  • Orange bedcover
  • Weak mean
  • Cheerful giver

You can how we have used adjectives right before our nouns. We can also refer to these as attributive adjectives because of their placements in the examples above.

Adjectives – Using them after the noun

You can use an adjective after the noun as well and usually with help of linking verbs. These include looks, seems, and was. Let’s take a look at some examples below:

  • She seems depressed
  • It looks rotten
  • Jack is weak
  • Mom is old

When we use adjectives after a noun or pronoun using linking verbs, we describe them as predicative adjectives.

words that start with a to describe someone

Adjectives Quiz – Testing Your Knowledge

Remember that adjectives are
. We use them to modify nouns and pronouns. In simple words, they tell you more about the state of a noun or pronoun. Below, we have ten short questions to test your skills on adjectives. Are you ready to ace it? Let’s go:

Choose the adjective from the sentences below:


Adjectives with A

adjectives beginning with a

Azure Actual Aimless Annoying Assertive
Abandoned Ad hoc Airline Annual Assignable
Abdominal Adamant Airsick Anonymous Assorted
Abhorrent Adaptable Ajar Another Assumable
Abiding Adaptive Alarmed Antagonistic Assured
Abject Addicted Alarming Anticipated Assuring
Able Addictive Alert Anticlimactic Astonished
Able-bodied Additional Algebraic Anticorrosive Astonishing
Abnormal Adept Alien Antiquated Astounded
Abounding Adequate Alienated Antiseptic Astounding
Abrasive Adhesive Alike Antisocial Astringent
Abrupt Adjacent Alive Antsy Astronomical
Absent Adjoining All Anxious Astute
Absentminded Adjustable All-around Any Asymmetrical
Absolute Administrative Alleged Apathetic Athletic
Absorbed Admirable Allowable Apologetic Atomic
Absorbing Admired All-purpose Apologizing Atrocious
Abstracted Admiring All-too-common Appalling Attachable
Absurd Adopted Alluring Appealing Attainable
Abundant Adoptive Allusive Appetizing Attentive
Abusive Adorable Alone Applauding Attractive
Abysmal Adored Aloof Applicable Attributable
Academic Adoring Alterable Applicative Atypical
Acceptable Adrenalized Alternating Appreciative Audacious
Accepting Adroit Alternative Apprehensive Auspicious
Accessible Adult Amazed Approachable Authentic
Accidental Advanced Amazing Approaching Authoritarian
Acclaimed Advantageous Ambiguous Appropriate Authoritative
Accommodating Adventurous Ambitious Approving Autobiographic
Accompanying Adversarial Ambulant Approximate Autographed
Accountable Advisable Ambulatory Aquatic Automatic
Accurate Aerial Amiable Architectural Autonomous
Accusative Affable Amicable Ardent Available
Accused Affected Amphibian Arduous Avant-garde
Accusing Affectionate Amused Arguable Avenging
Acerbic Affirmative Amusing Argumentative Average
Achievable Affordable An Arid Avian
Aching Afraid Ancient Aristocratic Avid
Acid Afternoon Anecdotal Aromatic Avoidable
Acidic Ageless Anemic Arresting Awake
Acknowledged Aggravated Angelic Arrogant Awakening
Acoustic Aggravating Angered Artful Aware
Acrid Aggressive Angry Artificial Away
Acrimonious Agitated Angular Artistic Awesome
Acrobatic Agonizing Animal Artless Awful
Actionable Agrarian Animated Ashamed Awkward
Active Agreeable Annoyed Aspiring Axiomatic

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Adjectives starting with:

Final Thoughts

Adjectives are describing words. They modify a noun or pronoun and enrich a piece of information with vibrant and interesting details. We can use adjectives both before and even after nouns and pronouns.

In the next article you can know about adjectives starting with B.