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What are adjectives?

In grammar, we define adjectives as members of a group of words that modify a noun or pronoun. They do this by either describing a quality of the particular word or by answering questions about it like ‘what kind?’, ‘which one?’ or ‘how many?

Adjectives usually provide more information about the nouns and pronouns in a text by describing its traits. You can think of adjectives as ‘describing words’. For example, you can describe a joke using the adjective ‘funny’ to suggest that it causes fun or laughter.

Some other examples to help you spot adjectives are:

  • “Please pass me the largest piece of cake.” The adjective that the writer uses in this sentence answers the question of ‘which?’

“This is one of the oldest books in our school library.” The adjective here describes the ‘kind’ of a book.

We typically place adjectives before a noun or pronoun, as you see in the above mentioned examples. However, that is not the rule. Sometimes we describe nouns and pronouns later in the sentence or even immediately after.

For example, ‘the seats available’ uses the adjective right after the noun. In another example: ‘the sandwich tastes gross’, we have placed the adjective a word after the noun.

English grammar can be tricky and confusing at times. You can take help from our range of workbooks and printable worksheets to refine your concepts and skills.

If you understand the above examples, you should quickly test yourself by answering the following quiz on adjectives.

Adjectives Quiz

Identify the adjectives from the sentences and choose the correct answers from the options given.

  • Class
  • Claims
  • Debater
  • Best

  • Join
  • Musical
  • Will
  • Evening

  • Participating
  • Adamant
  • Contest
  • He

  • Visit
  • House
  • New
  • You

  • Performance
  • Better
  • Seen
  • Never

  • Sunset
  • It
  • A
  • Lovely

  • You
  • Assignment
  • Science
  • Completed

  • Pop
  • Favorite
  • Music
  • My

  • Member
  • Family
  • She
  • Funniest

  • Energetic
  • Meeting
  • Every day
  • Lov


List of adjectives starting with T

Taboo Tactless Tangled Thorough Transfixed
Tabular Tardy Tanned Those Transformative
Taciturn Targeted Tannic Thoughtful Transformed
Tackled Tarnished Tantric Thoughtless Transitional
Tacky Tart Taper Thousandth Transitive
Tactful Tasteless Tapered Thrashed Transitory
Tactical Tattered Tapering Threadbare Transmissible
Tactile Taunt Tardy Threadlike Transmissive
Tactless Taunting Targeted Threatened Transmittable
Tactual Taxing Tarnished Threatening Transparent
Tailored Tearing Tart Three Transportable
Taking Teasing Tartan Three-dimensional Transverse
Tall Temperamental Tartaric Three-eighths Trapezoidal
Tame Temporary Tarty Threefold Trappable
Tameless Tempted Tasteful Three-phase Trapped
Tan Tenacious Tasteless Three-quarter Trashed
Tangent Tense Tasty Three-square Trashy
Tangled Tepid Tattered Three-tiered Treacherous
Tangly Terrible Tattling Three-way Treaded
Tanned Terse Tattooed Thrifty Treasonable
Taper Thievish Tattooing Thrilled Treasonous
Tapered Thorny Tatty Thrilling Treasurable
Tapering Thrashed Taunt Thriving Treasured
Tardy Threatened Taunting Throated Treatable
Targeted Threatening Taut Throaty Treeless
Tarnished Thrifty Tax-free Throbbing Treelike
Tart Thunderous Taxing Thrombotic Tremendous
Tasty Tightfisted Taxpaying Throng Tremulous
Tattling Timid Teachable Through Trenchant
Taunt Tiring Tearful Throw-away Trenchless
Tawdry Toneless Tearing Thuggish Trendless
Taxable Tormented Tearless Thumbed Trendy
Taxidermic Torpid Teary Thumping Trepid
Taxing Torrential Teasing Thundering Trick
Tearless Torrid Technic Thunderous Tricky
Teary Torturous Technical Thundery Triclinic
Technical Toxic Technocratic Thwart Tricuspid
Tectonic Tragic Technologic Thwarted Tricyclic
Tedious Trapped Technological Thyroid Triennial
Teeming Trashed Techy Tibetan Trine
Teeny Trashy Tectonic Ticketless Trippy
Telegraphic Traumatic Tedious Ticking Triune
Tellable Treacherous Teeming Tickling Trivalent
Telling Tricky Teen Ticklish Trivial
Telltale Trivial Teenage Tidy Trochaic
Temporal Tuneless Teen-age Tied-up Troglodytic
Ten Twitchy Teenaged Tieless Trojan
Tend Tyrannical Teensy Tight Trophic
Tender Tactful Teensy-weensy Tightfisted Tropic
Tenderfoot Tactless Teeny Time-consuming Tropical
Tenfold Tense Teeny-tiny Time-dependent Troubled
Tense Testy Teeny-weeny Time-independent Trouble-free
Tensioned Tender Teetotal Time-lapse Troublesome
Tentacled Thankful Teleological Timeless Troubling
Tentative Thorough Telepathic Time-like Troublous
Tented Thrilled Telescopic Timely Truant
Tenth Timid Televisual Time-saving Trucial
Testable Tolerant Tell-all Time-serving Truculent
Testicular Touchy Telling Time-tested True-blue
Testing Tranquil Telluric Timid Trueborn
Testy Transfixed Temperate Timorous True-born
Textile Trusting Tempestuous Tin-glazed True-hearted
Textured Tricky Temporal Tinny True-life
Theatric Truthful Temporary Tin-pot Trusted
Thee Trustful Tempted Tinselly Trustful
Their TRUE Tempting Tinted Trusting
Thematic Tacky Ten Tiny Trustworthy
Theoretic Troublesome Tenable Tippy Trusty
Thinkable Talkative Tenacious Tipsy Truthful
Thinly Tenacious Tenantable Tiptoe Trying
Thornless Territorial Tend Tiptop Tsarist
Three Terse Tendentious Tip-top Tubal
Thriving Temperamental Tender Tired Tubby
Throng Temperate Tenderhearted Tireless Tubed
Through Tempted Tender-hearted Tiresome Tubeless
Thumbed Theatrical Tender-minded Tiring Tubercular
Thundering Thriftless Tenebrous Titanic Tuberous
Thundery Transcendent Tenfold Tit-for-tat Tuff
Thwart Tantalizing Ten-minute Titian Tufted
Tidal Talented Tense Titular Tufty
Tight Tall Tensile Toad-like Tulip-eared
Timesaving Tedious Tensional Toasty Tumescent
Tinted Terrible Tensioned Toe-to-toe Tumorigenic
Tiptoe Tearful Tensionless Token Tumorous
Tiptop Tempting Ten-speed Tokenistic Tumultuous
Tiresome Teasing Tentative Tolerable Tunable
Tissued Tender Tented Tolerant Tuneful
Titanic Terrifying Tested Toll-free Tuneless
Titular Tense Testicular Tonal Tunisian
Tonic Thriving Testimonial Tone-deaf Turbid
Tooled Threatening Testing Tonetic Turbulent
Toothy Thankless Testy Tonic Turfy
Top Thwarted Tetanic Tonsorial Turgid
Topic Thinking Tetchy Tooled Turkey-like
Topical Thoughtless Text-based Toothed Turkish
Topping Threatened Textile Toothless Tusked
Torturous Tired Textual Toothsome Tutelary
Touchable Tight Textural Toothy Tutorial
Touching Tightlipped Textured Top Twee
Towering Tiring Terrified Top-class Tweedy
Talented Touching Terrifying Top-down Tween
Tame Touched Territorial Top-flight Twelfth
Tangy Tough Terroristic Top-heavy Twilit
Tantalizing Troubling Terse Top-hole Twin
Tasteful Trustworthy Tertian Topiary Twisty
Tasty Treasured Tertiary Topic Twitchy
Teachable Trusted Testable Topical Two
Technical Tremendous Thankful Topless Two-ply
Telling Turbulent Thankless Top-level Two-sided
Temperate Tumultuous Theatric Topmost Two-thirds
Tempting Teen Theatrical Topping Two-tier
Tenacious Teenage Thee Top-priority Two-time
Tender Teenaged Their Toppy Two-tone
Tenderhearted Terrific Theistic Top-quality Two-up
Terrific Thick Thematic Top-shelf Two-way
Thankful Thickset Themed Tormented Two-wheeled
Theological Thin Then Torpid Typeset
Therapeutic Tiny Theocratic Torrential Typical
Thorough Tousled Theoretic Torrid Typographic
Thoughtful Traditional Theoretical Torsional Typographical
Thrifty Taiwanese Therapeutic Tortious Typological
Thrilling Thai Thermic Tortuous Tyrannical
Tidy Tibetan These Torturous Tyrannous
Timeless Tunisian Thespian Total
Timely Turkish Thick Totalistic
Tireless Tattooed Thicketed Totalitarian
Tolerable Tattooing Thick-headed Totemic
Tolerable Tabbed Thickset Tottery
Tolerant Taboo Thick-skinned Touchable
Top Tacit Thick-skulled Touched
Traditional Tackled Thick-witted Touch-first
Trained Tacky Thigh-high Touching
Training Tactful Thin Touch-tone
Transcendent Tactical Thinkable Touchy
Transcendental Tactile Thinking Tough
Transformative Tactless Thinly Touristic
Transformed Tactual Thin-skinned Touristy
Transparent Tailless Third Towering
Treasured Tailored Third-class Towy
Treatable Tainted Third-degree Toxic
Tremendous Taintless Third-party Traceable
Trendy Taking Third-person Traceless
Triumphant Talented Third-rate Tractable
TRUE Talentless Third-string Tractive
Trusting Talkative Thirsty Traditional
Trustworthy Tall Thirteenth Tragic
Trusty Tallish Thirtieth Trainable
Tuneful Tame Thirtyish Trained
Twinkling Tan This-worldly Training
Typical Tangent Thixotropic Trampy
Taboo Tangible Thoracic Trancelike
Tacky Tangled Thorny Transfinite



We use adjectives to describe a noun or pronoun. These are words that indicate the qualities and traits of words in a text. We can place them both before and after nouns or pronouns. Remember that our list of adjectives starting with T is there to help you add imagery to your next piece of writing.

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