Adjectives starting with H – 136 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives starting with H – 136 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

What are adjectives?

Do you wonder what adjectives are and how you can use them in your written text and speech? Well, let us help you learn about adjectives in this article.

Adjectives are a part of speech that comprises descriptive words. We use these to describe a thing, place, or person. Adjectives describe or modify both nouns and pronouns. If we didn’t use adjectives in our text at all, people wouldn’t find reading interesting even slightly.

Boost your score Adjectives starting with H

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We typically place adjectives before a noun or pronoun in the sentence but sometimes we can use them after them in the sentence too.

Let’s run a quick quiz below to test your adjective skills.

Adjective Quiz:

Choose the adjective from the given options:

List of Adjectives with H

h words to describe someone

Habitable Hated High Horizontal Humble
Habitual Hateful Highest Hormonal Humdrum
Haggard Haughty Highfalutin Horned Humid
Hairless Haunting High-functioning Horrendous Humiliated
Hairy Hawkish High-maintenance Horrible Humiliating
Half Hazardous High-pitched Horrid Humming
Halfhearted Hazy High-risk Horrific Humongous
Hallowed Head Hilarious Horrified Humorless
Halting Heady His Horrifying Humorous
Handsome Healthy Hissing Hospitable Hungry
Handy Heartbreaking Historical Hostile Hurried
Hanging Heartbroken Hoarse Hot Hurt
Haphazard Heartless Hoggish Hot pink Hurtful
Hapless Heartrending Holiday Hot-blooded Hushed
Happy Hearty Holistic Hotheaded Husky
Hard Heated Hollow Hot-shot Hydraulic
Hard-to-find Heavenly Home Hot-tempered Hydrothermal
Hardworking Heavy Homeless Hour-long Hygienic
Hardy Hectic Homely House Hyper-active
Harebrained Hefty Homeopathic Howling Hyperbolic
Harmful Heinous Homey Huffy Hypercritical
Harmless Helpful Homogeneous Huge Hyperirritable
Harmonic Helpless Honest Huggable Hypersensitive
Harmonious Her Honking Hulking Hypertensive
Harried Heroic Honorable Human Hypnotic
Harsh Hesitant Hopeful Humanitarian Hypnotizable
Hasty Hideous Hopeless Humanlike Hypothetical

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Final Thoughts

enrich a piece of writing are what we refer to as adjectives. They provide details and interesting pieces of information about the nouns and pronouns in a given text.

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