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Students will love testing their skills with single-digit addition in these common core worksheets. First graders will first see how many addition problems they can complete in a minute. They will then move on to the second part and count objects to complete addition problems. They will easily be able to see the problems with the cute objects in these worksheets and have a great pictorial representation of the math problem. Students will love the chance to test their skills with addition in the speed challenge in these worksheets.
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This worksheet by ArgoPrep has grade-one students racing to the finish line with a single-digit addition one minute test. Then they will continue working with single-digit numbers, with cute objects they can count as needed, as well as multiple choice answers to choose from. Students will love this opportunity to challenge themselves to work as quickly and accurately as they can with single-digit addends. This will only strengthen their future work with numbers because they will be faster in working out problems as they memorize more math facts. They will  be reviewing their skills with addition facts at the same time, but they will feel like they are playing a game. Download this free worksheet, which was created by teachers, today, and grade-one students can get right to reviewing their addition facts. This worksheet is a great way for students to show how much they have learned their addition facts as well as practicing working with multiple choice answers.