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Story problems are a way to work on math problems that reveal how subtraction can be used in everyday life and this worksheet for grade-one students by ArgoPrep does just that! While reviewing and practicing their subtraction skills, first-graders will be challenged to solve word problems. This worksheet is an excellent way for students to be introduced to word problems or to practice their skills with them. Download the worksheet below and students can get to work learning about word problems today!
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This ArgoPrep worksheet for grade-one students focuses on subtraction and uses story problems to challenge students with real-life like math problems. First graders will love working out real-life type problems that challenge them with subtraction problems that are similar to ones they might have even had to figure out for themselves. Using various subtraction strategies, such as drawing pictures, using ten's rods and ones, or using a number line to solve these subtraction problems, grade-one students will have an opportunity to review and practice subtraction while also being challenged to think logically about story problems to find the correct answers. Grade-one students will see how they can use subtraction skills in their everyday lives! This worksheet is another in a long line up of teacher-created materials that will challenge first-graders and set them up for success in math in the future. You should download this free worksheet and get started right away!