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This ArgoPrep grade-one worksheet is excellent for learning, reviewing, or assessing learning about place value. Grade-one students are learning about the one's and ten's places and this worksheet will help them practice their skills or increase their understanding about place value and what it represents. This helps students to understand that a one in the one's place is very different than a one in the ten's place, for example. Download the worksheet below and students can get right to work!
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What is the place value? This worksheet by ArgoPrep will challenge grade-one students to find just that. Having a solid understanding of place value will help grade-one students when they are learning about decimals, borrowing while subtracting multi-digit numbers, and so much more. This worksheet will help first graders practice, review or assess their learning about place value. Place value only gets more challenging as the numbers get bigger, so having a solid foundation of knowing the ones and tens place will set grade-one students up for success in the future with place value. This worksheet is teacher-created and is what first graders should be learning about according to state standards. This place value worksheet for grade-one students is free and easily downloadable. Download the worksheet above and students can get started right away with learning and practicing all about place value!